Apple Macbook Air 2014 Review

Apple Macbook Air 2014 Review

About the Macbook Air

The Macbook Air is a super light, portable notebook that does not skimp on features and hardware. The newest version of the Air has undergone several updates including increasing the battery life to over nine hours- the longest battery life of portable computers. The overall design of the Macbook air remains unchanged, and it does not feature some of the updated entertainment features users look for such as touch screens. However, the keyboard is backlit for easy viewing, and the screen has been designed with viewing comfort in mind. The ease of working the touch pad and keyboard also leaves users satisfied. With the Macbook Air, the user will have instant access to pre-installed Apple apps, and the ability to download others onto the device. As with other computer purchases one may decide to purchase the Microsoft suite after a period of use for the universal appeal and benefits of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In regards to processing, speed, and the memory the Macbook air will over perform for most users. With a super fast Intel core processor, the computer will do everything from waking up to downloading documents with intense speed. The WiFi capabilities are also designed to be fast. With the lightweight design and fast speeds the air is named correctly.


How the Macbook Air Works

The Macbook air is a lightweight (just under 2.5 pound for the 11 inch), durable, quality laptop. Designed for use and portability the computer is a high-quality investment. Apple allows the customer to configure their own devices and custom the specifications to their needs. Customers overall continue to report high satisfaction with the ease of use and hardware installed prior to purchase.

Macbook Air Pricing and Refund Policy

Macbook Airs will set you back. They are not cheap machines and depending on specs of the purchase will cost at minimum $899.00 for the eleven inch standard computer. The price alone drives many customers away from purchasing the Macbook Air. Comparing your personal preferences of using a Mac versus other PCs could result in personal savings if you ultimately decide on a comparable computer without the Apple name-brand associated cost.

Apple offers warranties and a refund policy. Standard with your purchase is free shipping. The standard warranty is one year (limited) with ninety days of telephone support. When purchasing an Airbook you will have the option to buy an extended warranty (the Applecare Protection Plan). This protection plan allows for additional support and a guarantee that if needed repairs will be made by Apple-certified technicians and done in a timely fashion. When purchasing a computer that is this costly the extended warranty is a good idea.

Bottom Line: With the Macbook Air as with most Apple products you are paying for not only a superb machine but also the brand name recognition. With that being said, Apple products are reliable, and often worth the price tag. For users who want both a Mac and portability the Macbook Air is one of the most affordable Mac options on the market.