Vitality Colostrum Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Vitality Colostrum Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Are you interest for figure your if Vitality Colostrum really works? Read our full review to get the scoop on how it stands up to the competition.

A Quick Background On What Is Colostrum

Colostrum is produced by mammals such as cows and humans in breast milk after the first few days after childbirth, and Colostrum is sold as a supplement because of its Immune and Digestion Boosting properties, that help infants (and adults) fight off viruses, bacteria and increase growth. Known to be exceptionally healthy for the digestive system Colostrum is beneficial as a supplement taken daily as part of a healthy-lifestyle. As the health benefits of

Colostrum become better-known many supplement manufacturers are producing and selling Colostrum. However, not all Colostrum supplements are created equal.

How Colostrum Works

Colostrum is taking daily and most beneficial in capsule form. Colostrum works best when it is released into the small intestine where all of the immune boosting properties and digestive benefits can be adequately absorbed and integrated into the body. When taking a supplement it is important to not only purchase and take a product that is regulated and safe for the body, but also will deliver the benefits. If Colostrum is under regulated in order to make lower cost products, and not coated properly, it becomes lower quality.

Vitality Colostrum Reviewed:

We’ve reviewed 9 different Colostrum producing brands, and identified Vitality Colostrum as one of the Top available Colostrum supplements. Vitality Colostrum is produced from grass fed cows, which are raised without hormones and pesticide free. Collected from cows milk it is important that Colostrum is collected safely and stored properly. Vitality Colostrum guarantees the safe collection and storage of Colostrum.

They also coat their capsules to ensure the Colostrum can bypass stomach acids and get released into the small intestine.

vitality colostrum

Vitality Colostrum Pricing and Refund Policy

Vitality Colostrum is not overly expensive, however; it is not the lowest supplement on the market either, however based on our review it is the highest quality and that drives your results. For $34.99, a one-month trial bottle can be purchased through the manufacturer if desired one can purchase a three-month or six-month supply. With an attractive money back guarantee and coated capsules, you receive significant benefits from buying Vitality Colostrum as opposed to alternative lower quality supplements.

Vitality Colostrum purchased directly through their site has a ninety-day money back guarantee if one is not entirely satisfied with the purchase or benefits. The manufacturer prefers that you use the supplement for a full thirty days prior to refund as it can take up to thirty days to notice the full range of benefits.

Bottom Line: Colostrum is known for its benefits to the immune system, these benefits have been researched and supported within the medical community. When purchasing any supplement you want a product that will provide you with the full range of benefits. With enteric coating and the guarantee that the Colostrum is from healthy cows Vitality Colostrum is a supplement that’s worth trying.

Vitality Colostrum

Vitality Colostrum

Quality And Purity


Money Back Guarantee


Customer Review


Company Reputation


Customer Service



  • Processed With Cold Temperatures
  • Non-GMO, Free From Pesticides, Antibiotics and Added Hormones
  • 30% Immunoglobulin
  • 1200 Mg Per Servings
  • Enterically Coated Capsules


  • Not The Cheapest
  • Shipping Can Take 2 - 3 Days