ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Review: Is it a Scam?

ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Review: Is it a Scam?


ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Review


Rated Top Male Enhancement (2014)

You may have heard of the ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Supplement from a friend, a website or blog, but does it really live up to the hype?

At Consumster, we took it upon ourselves to investigate further. It is nearly impossible to think about one aspect of our lives which cannot be improved through research and the latest medical technology. Male performance is certainly not an exception. That’s why we’ve decided to conduct an ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Review.

Through the years different male supplements have been on and off the market. Some are effective, some are not. Those that are effective usually have adverse side effects, making them rather unpopular. ASOX9 is an all natural formula claiming to be effective without the side effects.

Why try a male performance supplement?

The long list of potential adverse effects of drugs (the blue pill) have led researchers to start extracting natural products to effectively enhance libido without the risk of adverse reactions. Several products were made with different ingredients all claiming to increase performance in the bedroom without the unwanted side effects. One may be tempted to grab the cheapest supplement, but unfortunately, most of these products have substandard quality and are rather ineffective.

Research is very important. Before purchasing an enhancement product like ASOX9, one must have the proper knowledge about what they’re taking. Also, you must know and understand what these supplements really do to achieve the increase in performance that most, if not all, of them are promising.

Asox9 review

How is ASOX9 different from other male enhancing supplements?

ASOX9 is a supplement which promises high potency and expected performance enhancing results with only natural ingredients. The secret is the unique combination of the ingredients which were carefully and thoroughly researched to provide the best extract one can have in a supplement. These substances were proven and tested to interact with each other in an overall synergistic manner thereby enhancing the effects of each other on the male organ. Although it is acknowledged that the supplement may take a varied amount of time to effect different individuals, ASOX9 has no known side effect.

It contains five main ingredients; Tongkat Ali extract, which is a substance known for boosting sperm count, and as such is now part of an extensive research on male sexual dysfunction and infertility. This ingredient is fairly common and have been included in other enhancing products as well. ASox9 also contains L-arginine and Maca extract, both of which are known to increase blood flow and improve overall performance in the bedroom. Ginseng is also included in the formula. The latter has been included not only for male enhancing products but in other supplements as well, as it is known to increase overall stamina and energy. Last is Zinc, the lack thereof was found to cause decreased sperm cell count. It is a substance found in oysters, which is a known aphrodisiac or a food which increases libido.

Our verdict of ASOX9

After conducting our ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Review, we found that compared to other products on the market, ASOX9 has one of the strongest, if not the strongest formula that we could find. These are the things ASOX9 has going for it:

  • Works effectively
  • 100% natural
  • Good customer feedback
  • Strong formula
  • 90 day money back guarantee

What are the main drawbacks on using ASox9?

As an all-natural male enhancing supplement, as compared to the synthetic ones on the market, the effects of ASOX9 are not immediate. One must have regular intake for about a week or so to be able to experience the full benefits of it. Compared to other natural enhancers, it costs slightly more than average. But premium products are not cheap. ASox9, seems to be assured that you will get what you paid for, and they actually offer a full 90 day money back guarantee.


In closing our ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement Review, Like any other male enhancement product, ASox9 seems to be promising. But unlike the others, ASOX9 has by far one of the strongest formulas if you look closely at its ingredients, this unique combination of potent ingredients making it ahead of the male enhancement products game.

Please share your experience with ASOX9 below






    • - Works effectively
    • - 100% natural
    • - Good customer feedback
    • - Strong formula
    • - 90 day money back guarantee


    • - Available online only
    • - Minimal discounts found


    • Eddie Garner says:

      I am a 58yr. old man. I had lost all hope of having a real sex life. My wife was disappointed. Started looking around. Wanted something all Natural run across ASOX9. Ordered it and changed my life. Its safe and does what it says it will do. Thanks for the help guys from 2 very happy people.

    • Bob Winchester says:



      After a week I’ve noticed quite a difference. Size, hardness and lasting hardness ability are all much improved. I am very please with the product and the results.

    • Joe says:



      I am 49 yrs old have been using this product for 6 months. I never have a problem in the bedroom.It Does what it says it does . Very happy and will keep using it

    • WILLIAM IN AL. says:


    • Bob says:

      I’m 65 yr young and I have been taking a daily pill for BPH for some time so there has never really been a question as to performance. When called on every thing worked. Was I in for a rude awaking. I’ve been taking your product for about 3 weeks now and WOW! haven’t had this much energy for sometime now. Those little horns are back with harder erections. wife and I couldn’t be happier.

      Thank you

    • Kingston says:



      I just started 2 weeks ago but it seems to work as advertised. So far I’m very happy with the product

    • MB. says:



      This product is amazing. Works as advertised. Make me fell like a going man again. No more embarrassing moments in the bedroom.

    • Daniel says:



      I’m 52 and hav used the prescription stuff. Gave me a huge headache and was expensive. I tried ASOX9 and the results were fantastic! You have a returning customer for sure!! In addition, not near as expensive as the prescription stuff and no headache as a added bonus! Great product, best one I have used!

    • Larry says:



      I am 70 years old. Have only been using the product for 1 month. However, I have noticed an increase in energy, no side effects, and hardness has returned. I’m sure I will have a better evaluation in a few months, but for now I am greatly encouraged, especially not having to take another drug. . .

    • Pete says:



      Works for me Noticed a difference in a week of taking
      ASOX9. I have tried several other brands and ASOX9 beat them all. Its works well and fast for me I am glad I found one that really works Thanks

    • manuel says:



      I am 65 years old never had problems getting erections until about 4 months ago tried another brand of male enhancement pill but did not work. Then I came across this one, decided I would give it a try. At about 2 weeks I started feeling the difference. Been on it almost 3 months I am very happy with it so is my wife. Have not lost erection during sex like I was before.

    • Joe says:

      Since I turned sixty I was having issues getting and keeping an erection. I found ASox9 a few months ago and discovered that I’m still capable of having “morning wood”. What a great feeling. I’ve investigated the ingredients and found that nothing in Asox9 can harm me.

    • David Bass says:

      I am 49 years old. Been using 6 months works great. Feel like a young man again. I have just made another order.

    • Dave says:



      I’ve been using ASOX9 for about a month now. I am a 48 yr old male. I noticed a difference in my sex life in 5 days. I started taking it on a Monday and on Friday night I made love to my girlfriend and again on Saturday morning. I haven’t been able to do that in a long time…just saying. I have noticed better erections now and pretty much can “get it up” every night unless I’m really really tired…lol. The product has definitely worked for me. Give it a try…just be patient.

    • Joseph says:

      E S
      Ijust startedthe ASOX9 and I would like to say that I am starting to feel happy because it works and later in a few months I will give more remarks thanks and keep up the good work
      ES Florida

    • Richard Murphy says:

      I’m a44 year old male married for 20 years. I was starting to have trouble in the bedroom. I tried some of the other supplements on the market but they didn’t work. I went to the blue pill, quick works but the side effects sucked. I stumbled onto ASOX9 and couldn’t be happier. They truly work for me, I’m having no problems at all anytime of the day. There website is great and customer service is great.

    • Mike says:



      I have been using this product for a few months now and though not as ecstatic as some of the others, it has restored my sex life with my wife, which was about non-existent before. I still would like to get harder, but at least we are having sex again and for that I can’t complain!! I am 64 years old and hope to have at least a few years left in me. I have re-ordered twice and really don’t think I could perform at all without ASOX9!

    • Ron says:

      I have nerve damage and it worked quickly for me and at a great value compared to the blue pill.I’m 53 and need all the help I can get.

    • hi everyone…
      i saw a review on line regarding first i was skeptical about it because of so many bs around and deceptive products . but when i try asox9, i was very please of the result.
      thanks again chris.

    • Lori says:



      I bought this for my husband, he kept telling me he must be getting old! But he is on 58. I thought there must be something I can do because I love sex! So I read everything, I wanted something natural and easy! The number one pill was Asox9 so I thought let give it a try.

      Two weeks into the bottle the spark was back with a vengeance. Thank you! Will continue to finish the bottle and see how it all progresses!

    • Larry says:



      60 year divorced male, this inproved my sex life by 75 percent. Which is great for me. I didn’t think it would work, but guys it works well worth the money spent.

    • Robert Ballard says:



      I am 71 years old…I work out five days a week with a rigorous schedule. I have used most all of the ED pills sold by big pharma…they worked but with headaches, distorted vision and sleepless nights…even after racaous sexual play. I have a happy younger wife now as my penis now has sensitivity, increased blood flow and some raging hardons I havent felt since I was in my thirties…Good Work Christopher. I ordered three moore bottles….what a bargain compared to the blue/yellow pills….

    • Bob from Kalamazoo says:



      I got this product and have been taking it for 2 weeks. I have noticed great results. I am 68 years old and have taken blood pressure medicine that has negative side effects on hardness. The hardness is coming back strong. I am very happy with the results. I recommend this to others.

    • M B 59 years old says:



      Great product , have been using it for over a month and have seen significant results in energy, stamina ,sex drive and staying that it’s all natural,no side effects.Asox9 delivers results .

    • Kenny says:



      I have been using the product for about a month or so, my wife and I are very happy with it. Prior to finding it our bedroom activity was down to nothing, I am very happy to say that I’m ready whenever she is. It has really helped our marriage. Thank you Gordon…

    • Tony B says:



      Was I skeptic? Yes, but after about a week after taking ASox9, I noticed a big difference. It really works! I am really pleased with the results and I will continue to use the product because there are no side effects. I used Levitra and the side effects made me miserable and it had even more adverse effects because I take medicine for cluster headaches. Highly recommend it.

    • Richard Melton says:



      I’ve been taking it for about a week now. I have noticed that I do have a stronger climax. The urge for sex has increased also. So far I am very pleased with the product.

    • L G says:

      I am 58 and I have been taking ASOX9 for 2 weeks. I noticed that it has improved my overall prostate health. At night, I am sleeping much better and I am making less frequent trips to the bathroom; didn’t really expect that. As far as my soldier is concerned, he is standing up at attention more frequently than normal especially early in the morning. Overall my sex drive has increased and my erections are a lot stronger, much like the times when I was 20 years old.

    • Randle snell says:

      I have try many other male enhance that cost me lot of money, Asox9 is the best I’m happy and my wife is very happy, last night my wife told me you are bad. Thank you Chris😊

    • Gary Green says:



      This Product really works, and there is no scam, like all the rest, it took two weeks to kick in, it has almost completely healed my minor ED, Can’t wait until I’ve been on it for another month as I believe it will work better the longer I take it, I feel better and more confident, I ride a bicycle a lot and I’ve been feeling stronger now. Product was delivered quick, and had tracking so I knew when it was coming, thank you so much, I will defiantly be ordering more.

    • charles says:

      This is great product. Noticed results after one week, defnitely will continue use. Love the fact that ingredients are all natural.

    • Florencio says:



      I am on my second bottle. I could feel the difference with the first bottle but have not seen as good results with second bottle. I will keep taking to see if it kicks in.

    • Michael Colton says:

      Excellent product that actually lives up to the claims. I am now into my 3rd month and continue to have great results.

    • Paul says:

      I have taken the product for two weeks now and I am sorry to say I have not seen an improvement in any area. However, I realize it could take 2-3 weeks as noted when I received the product, so I will continue using it till I finish the bottle and see what happens. I want to make certain I give it a fair assessment.

    • Don says:



      It works quite well for me.

    • Chuck says:

      Took a couple weeks but have had a very noticeable improvement

    • Joe Fernandez says:

      It did not happen right away, but I am now getting Great! results and compliments… My wife has a Bigger grin on her face. thanks

    • I want to order but the link does not work. Please let me know where to go for ordering.

    • JRS says:



      I am in week four of using the product. I no longer have to take Rhino 5 or Rhino 7 which game me headaches and made me jittery. I tried the blue pill and it worked but sex is not always on a time schedule. I took one pill a day from day one. No need to take 2 a day like some suggest. My wife has noticed that I am harder but get this…….After I have an orgasm I stay firm (not hard) but then get the erection back within minutes. Now I need to start going to the gym so my body can keep up with my “Man Hood”. LOL Wish they had a pill for that. Again, LOL…… PRODUCT WORKS!!!!!

    • Tom Stevenson says:



      ASOX REALLY DOES WORK!!!!! Harder results after 2nd week & I’m grinning again. Great to have 2 more than just friends breathless again. Thank you much

    • polish hammer says:

      Have been taking for almost 2 weeks. Noticed a difference in energy levels and other areas it supposed to help with. I feel better overall and more confident because I have more energy. Would recommend. Was a little skeptical at first but it does work.

    • Luke says:



      Been taking for almost 3 weeks, seems to have helped me. I was having a hard time getting hard and staying hard. Since taking this I have been back to my normal self! Will buy again if I continue to have these kind of results!

    • Irving says:

      Two weeks into this product now. I woke up twice with an erection a night or two ago. Just today I had a better orgasm feeling than I use to have. I think I’m going to get along very well with this ASOX9. I wasn’t looking for anything that was immediate. I like the slower product that will work on the long run. This is it. I will tell people more about this product in a couple more weeks.

    • John C says:

      I;m a 74 year old man that has suffered thru E D problems since I recovered from cancer in 2013. I’ve attempted to find the “golden plum” since then and even the classy, expensive V—=A and C—-S have failed me.
      I decided to give it one more try with ASOX9 and I’m pleased to report that it works….Spent the first couple of weeks, thinking I had bought another bummer product but, it kicked in on the 3rd week and WOW !!!!!!!
      Now, my only gripe…..Many of these E D products occasionally have a bargain special. I’m told there was one recently around Columbus Day. I was away that weekend and missed the deal. Will there be other deals forthcoming? Every penny saved is a penny earned at my age. Thanks for a great product.

    • Jerilyn says:

      This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger.
      I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your fantastic post.
      Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

    • jerry B says:

      I am 75 been taking ASOX9 for 4 weeks now have just started feeling a differance have not had sex because of failure am ready to try again will let you know.

    • Mitch says:

      Too early to tell just how effective it will eventually be, but after less than two weeks there is an improvement.

    • mike bauman says:

      What is the cost on a daily basis

    • Formula 41 says:

      I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this blog.
      I really hope to see the same high-grade content by you in the future as well.

      In truth, your creative writing abilities has inspired
      me to get my own website now 😉

    • Walter Threadgill says:

      I’ve been taking asox9 now going into 3rd week. So far it has done okay but haven’t really had sex to find out the true effects. Icon can tell some difference but can’t honestly say a good report for you like I want to. But I like it and I think it is going to work when my wife feels better.

    • Brad says:



      I’m on my second 3 month supply. I really like this product, I was taking Androgel but went off of it because it was a hassle with my insurance company. I tried this and it seems to work better than the Androgel. Fast shipping and customer service is second to none!

    • KC says:



      I ordered three bottles because reviews looked good.It took three weeks before I had results but once it kicked in I exercised more took longer walks and in the bed room I was much harder and lasted much longer.My girl friend asked me what has happend you are the perfect lover.I ordered and received another three bottles and will continue to use this product.The only down side is I have to split the pills in half in order to swallow them

    • robert pinon says:

      Would like to try ASOX9. I am diabetic type 2.
      Please give me any recommendations you may have.
      ASOX9 sounds like a good product, any help is appreciated.

    • james stein says:



      I tried this supplement and it worked much better than i expected it to. after trying several different products i didn’t have a whole lot of hope left, but i’m certainly glad i gave it one last go. this was a “game changer” if you will. love it! does what it says it’s supposed to do

    • Rick Cruz says:

      my only question is if I ordered this product how long will I use this? will I continue to use this product?

    • Dave says:

      Hi i am interested to try your ASOX9 Male Performance Enhancement. How do i get one? or purchase one for me?


    • Viagra does not work anymore I am 64 and need help I think ejecting Nitric Oxide is the last option what is your opinion?

    • David Hintson says:

      3 months in and I can say a great improvement nice increase in hardness and I feel bigger will keep taking it as long as I keep getting results

    • chancey says:

      Increased energy

    • John Hoxsie says:



      I’m reserving judgment until later. I’ve only taken Asox9 for two weeks and unfortunately there have been no difference (good or bad ). GIVE ME A COUPLE OF WEEKS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

    • Todd says:



      Kudos to Christopher Gordon!!! Great product, ordered 2 bottles, just recently ordered 3 more. Deffinite improvement for me, I would strongly recommend ASOX9 to anyone even thinking about it.

    • Steve says:

      Have use this for several months now. Wanted to try it since I hated having to preplan things with Viagra. (Also did not like the headache Viagra caused.) This product works better than I could have hoped for. Both my wife and I agree. No side effects and feel like I did twenty years ago when making love.

    • Charlie says:

      73 year old man, noticeable improvement after 2 weeks. AND lower, more even, blood pressure. I will continue to use. Good product, fast shipping, easy company to deal with.

    • ron says:

      It took me about two weeks but I can now move beyond planned sex with my wife, and approach when the moment is right. I always had to take a blue pill.

    • William says:

      I have used other products,spray and pills and i have found none that work even close to better that the Asox9. This product helped me in many ways not only better erections,but it makes me feel like i want to have sex again.I have only good things to say about this product an would recommend to anyone having these type of problems.

    • shawn says:



      fast shipping and works great for me! noticed changes within a week

    • User says:

      I been using it for a little over a month now, it really started to kick in on the 2nd week for me

    • Truth only says:

      I am into my third week with asox9. So far I have noticed a moderate increase in my overall energy level.I have only had intercourse once during this time,(8 days after taking asox9)both me and wife noticed a difference leaning towards better. I will continue taking the product as recommended.The verdict is still out,but leaning towards good. will keep everyone posted with honest feed back only.

    • Nick says:



      I have been using asox9 for 6 months now, I can honestly say I experiences a big difference in size and overall sex drive is at all time high. I will definately continue using it. No negative side effects so far.

    • Bryan says:



      I got a bottle in 2014, noticed i was harder about a week in so worked for me as well, just placed an order for 3 more bottles, the only downside is that it took me about a week to start to notice any results but now im pretty happy with it.

    • James says:

      This product lives up to relatively modest claims

    • Rudy says:



      Does work, not sure if it works better than viaga or other pill you can get from your doctor but it does work. I take it consistently and believe it raised my testosterone, I have more energy and my sex drive is noticeably higher. I really seem to notice the effects from this product in particular. I only take 2 pills as directed and no more, it is strong.

    • Chris Melnik says:



      I tried product, worked very well for me, fast shipping. Ordering more!

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