Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung Galaxy s5


The contract for my cell phone plan was up for review recently and instead of my usual Iphone upgrade I made the choice to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5. Switching from an Iphone to an android phone was a decision that came with a lot of research, and discussing the pros and cons of both androids and Iphones with friends, and colleagues. After navigating through the choices and ultimately choosing to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S5, I was offered the opportunity to discuss the Samsung Galaxy in depth.


About Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung is perhaps best known for introducing the world to a large screened Smartphone with all of the capabilities of Apple products combined with the android platform. The Galaxy S5 does not disappoint in the large screen front. Additionally the updated camera in the S5 allows you to take crisp clear videos and pictures and enjoy them on the screen.


The display on the phone is impressive, it is easy to watch video and read with both a large screen and quality of display. While most android users know about the link with google I was impressed with the easy email and sharing of photos from the phone, and ability to easily interact with my google accounts from the phone.


The Samsung Galaxy offers a plethora of fun tech features. For example, a fingerprint sensor adds an inspector gadget like feel to the use of the phone. For a fully loaded phone, it is not as heavy as I would have expected and fits relatively easily in my purse. For a phone with lots of features, I am able to navigate it easily and utilize the phones potential.


How Samsung Galaxy S5Works


I have found that the Galaxy is intuitive and easy to use. With the ability to simply ask the phone how to do something and the intuitive nature of the phone I was quickly able to familiarize myself with and begin using the phone. The larger screen (compared to Apple products) allows me to read articles, and watch videos in a more comfortable manner than I have previously. Finally, the battery life is more than adequate, and the phones auto switch to battery saver mode has definitely been useful when I have forgotten to charge my phone overnight.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Pricing and Refund Policy


Smart phones are an investment. If you can simply upgrade your account, or are eligible for a new plan it is the cheapest way to purchase this (or any) phone. My phone cost $199.00 with this upgrade. After searching the internet for prices for the phone without the upgrade, I learned that the average cost for the Galaxy S5 appears to be around $650.00. While I would not wish to pay that out of pocket, it is comparable to other phones of similar quality.


Bottom Line: As a lifelong consumer of the Iphone, I was hesitant to switch to an android product. For nothing else other than the larger screen size and quality of photographs, I am happy that I choose to switch to the Galaxy. The additional tech features, and link to google have convinced me that Apple is not the only game in town for smartphones.