Active Restore Supplement Review, Does It Work?

Active Restore Supplement Review, Does It Work?

Active Restore is a unique gut health supplement with a bold promise:

Could healing your gut with Active Restore really give you clearer thinking, better memory, more energy, better digestion, AND a slimmer body?

In this review we take a closer look at Active Restore Supplement and evaluate it based on User Reviews, Company Reputation, Ingredients, Customer Service, and Return Policy.

Do You Need Active Restore?

Do you find yourself struggling with “brain fog” or memory issues? Do you wish you had more energy? Do you suffer from digestive issues like IBS, gas, bloating, or constipation?

Science has recently discovered how your gut health (your intestines) plays a huge role in the health of your entire body. Not only your digestive health, but in brain health, your energy, and your metabolism and your ability to burn fat.

Unfortunately, exposure to gut-damaging chemicals in our food and environment has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. As a result, over 90% of Americans are estimated to suffer from a damaged gut wall. It’s no surprise how many experience digestive issues: from bloating, gas and constipation, to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s and Celiac Disease.

But what’s frightening, is how scientists have connected this chemical-caused gut wall damage to an increase in diseases of the brain, such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, and dementia. These diseases have been skyrocketing over the past 10 years, as our gut is exposed to more and more damaging chemicals, each and every day.

You can download it here:

Active Restore is designed to help heal your gut wall from this damage. It uses powerful  Growth Factors from Colostrum, an all-natural substance from cow’s milk that healers from all over the world have been using for over 2000 years.

User Reviews of Active Restore (9/10)

Reviews from Active Restore online customers have been promising. Many report increased energy, less digestive issues, clearer thinking and better memory. Some even report an increase in sex drive, and customer reports of losing stubborn fat have also been common.

Company Reputation (10/10)

Cellular Research Institute, the company behind Active Restore, is based out of Southern California, founded by a Harvard trained scientist and biologist. It is made in a FDA registered facility and in accordance to cGMP practices. On their website, they report each ingredient is tested for quality, purity and potency by their Quality Assurance Department and also by an independent 3rd party lab prior to being distributed. We could not find anything negative about the company.

Ingredients (10/10)

Active Restore includes the high quality grass-fed Colostrum, processed to maximize Growth Factors. It is gluten and lactose free, and free from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics. Not to mention, you also get a high quality probiotic with the colostrum. The 2 together can be brought for $49 if you sit through their presentation.

Customer Service (9/10)

No negative issues were found regarding Active Restore customer service. They can be reached at 1-800-643-4300 Monday thru Saturday 7am-5pm EST, and by email at

Active Restore

Active Restore

User Reviews


    Company Reputation




        Customer Service





            • Good Formula
            • High Quality Colostrum Form USA
            • 20 Billion Probiotics Per Serving
            • Good User Reviews
            • 365 Day Return Policy


            • Goes On Back Order
            • Available Online Only

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