Slimming Leaf Review: Is It Just Another Detox Tea Supplement, or The Real Weight Loss Deal?

Slimming Leaf Review: Is It Just Another Detox Tea Supplement, or The Real Weight Loss Deal?

It seems there are hip new diets popping up every day. If you’re trying to lose weight, there certainly isn’t a lack of options available to you. The latest diet trends involve “detoxifying” the body, where you flush out all the bad stuff that’s allegedly in your system, clogging things up and making it more difficult for you to reach your weight loss goals. There are various types of detoxifying cleanses out there, but one that is growing exponentially in popularity involves tea—this hip new thing is nicknamed “Teatox.”

One new brand of “Teatox” is garnering a lot of attention and stealing the show from all the other detox teas on the market: Slimming Leaf, by Cellular Research Institute. It’s time for Consumster to investigate, to see if Slimming Leaf is really worth the hype or if it’s just more noise in the diet market.

At Consumster, we evaluate different products on the basis of five factors that appear to be the most important ones for each product. After we identify these factors, we evaluate each of them on a scale of one to ten. We applied the same methodology for Slimming Leaf. The following five factors were shortlisted for the evaluation of the product.

1) Increases Metabolism
2) Cleans Out Digestive System
3) Scientific Evidence Behind Claims
4) Customer Service
5) User Reviews

Now, we started a thorough examination of Slimming Leaf based on these factors. Mentioned below is our honest feedback to help you make an informed decision.

1) Increases Metabolism (9.2/10)

There are two formulas of Slimming Leaf: a morning “Slimming Tea” and an evening “Detox Tea.” The morning Slimming Tea contains caffeine—not a lot, but just enough to give your body a kick. Caffeine alone will give your metabolism a boost, but it’s dangerous to consume in large amounts. Cellular Research Institute has a gentle amount of caffeine in Slimming Leaf, the amount is naturally in the tea ingredients included, and then supplemented it with other ingredients shown to boost metabolism. Their Morning Slimming Teatox contains Wuyi Oolong and Pu-erh, which are both traditional Chinese teas. Studies have found that Wuyi Oolong promotes weight loss and Pu-erh suppresses the synthesis of fat cells. The Morning Slimming Teatox also contains Siberian Ginseng, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine to reduce lethargy and fatigue, while giving stamina and endurance a boost. Despite the name “Siberian Ginseng,” this particular type of Ginseng is from China, but received the “Siberian” label because most studies on this plant were done in Russia, as the Soviet Union wanted to use it as a performance enhancer for Olympic athletes.

2) Cleans Out the Digestive System (9.8/10)

We were shocked and relieved to find that almost ALL of the ingredients in Slimming Leaf’s teas have some type of digestive benefit. From Cinnamon to Fennel to Coriander, Cellular Research Institute formulated these teas with optimal digestion in mind. We expect Slimming Leaf’s blend of teas to result in less bloating, gas, and more regular bowel movements. Some of the ingredients, such as Dandelion Root and Ginger, also have diuretic effects, which means they stimulate urine production. This helps remove toxins from the body—and further enhances the weight loss effects!

3) Scientific Evidence Behind Claims (9.5/10)

It’s always hard to argue with the Cellular Research Institute. As their name suggests, they always do their homework. They provide information about their research right on their website, so anyone can see the studies they look at when designing their products. Quick searches on PubMed for their ingredients turn up information that support all of the claims that Slimming Leaf can help people lose weight, as well as boost their immune system and overall well-being. One of the things we noticed about the research behind Slimming Leaf is that Cellular Research Institute included a lot of anti-inflammatory ingredients. We found that inflammation in the gut can be the cause of a number of health problems, ranging from digestive disorders to mood disorders. Slimming Leaf helps reduce inflammation in the gut, which helps users achieve a number of health benefits.

4) Customer Service (9.5/10)

One of the hallmarks of Cellular Research Institute is that their products come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. They claim that they will refund your money if you are unsatisfied with the product for any reason, with the only stipulation being that you return the product within 90 days of purchase. We tested this by having different members of our team call them at various points during the 90 days and try to return a product. Whether it was 19 days after purchase or 73, we were always met with courteous customer service and a no-hassle refund. To us, this guarantee demonstrates the utmost confidence in their product. They know they have a good product and they don’t expect many people to return it.

5) User Reviews (9.2/10)

Most Slimming Leaf users so far have expressed their satisfaction with the results they have observed. Going through these reviews, it appears that the product has effectively helped people lose weight, while also providing energy and immune-boosting benefits that made them feel confident and content overall. Some of these reviews suggest that users need to try the 28 day program in order to experience the maximum benefits.


In our thorough evaluation of Slimming Leaf, we found that it is a potent all-natural formulation that really does live up to its hype. The ingredients appear to have been very carefully chosen, as each one features proven benefits for the digestive and immune systems that can promote weight loss and a better sense of overall well-being. We were certainly happy with the results when we tested it!

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

Slimming Leaf Slimming & Detox Tea

Slimming Leaf Slimming & Detox Tea

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  • Cleans Out Digestive System
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  • Scientific Evidence Behind Claims
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