GlamorEye: Can An Under-Eye Mask Really Erase Wrinkles And Tiredness?

GlamorEye: Can An Under-Eye Mask Really Erase Wrinkles And Tiredness?

In just 12 months, nonsurgical procedures for injectable skin rejuvenation—like Botox or Hyaluronic Acid to name a few—increased by over 10%, driving them to pass the bar of the 7.3 million in 2016! That shows a common wide need for skin improvement. While researching that phenomenon, we realized that a new trend was showing up: Under-Eye Masks. They promise to erase crow’s feet, dark eye circles and puffiness within minutes. A promise that can seem too good to be true.


We looked-up for high-quality under-eye masks and found GlamorEye, from the Skin Research Institute. As you might know by now, Consumster pride itself for its objectivity. That’s why we decided to review GlamorEye and give you a real, scientific overview of this new product.

Scientific Background (9.9/10)

GlamorEye Regenerating Eye Masks was developed by the Skin Research Institute. The company committed to bring science to your home, at the cheapest price possible. SRI never uses any harsh chemicals and constantly studies new scientific discoveries so they can adapt them to an in-home use.

GlamorEye’s main ingredient is Medical-Grade Collagen, the purest and closest to human collagen you can find. The only thing that had us concerned for a moment was that GlamorEye uses bovine collagen. So we did our own research and found multiple studies showing that bovine collagen is 97% similar to human collagen, and thus the best type of collagen to improve your skin’s natural collagen production, just as said on the website. [1] [2] [3]

Formula (9.8/10)

The Science Page on explains in detail the under-eye masks unique formula. It also gives some clinical studies results.

The Skin Research Institute processes its Medical-Grade Collagen without preservatives or chemicals to protect all its natural properties. The processing technique used determines the masks destination: main hospitals’ severe burns units or your own bathroom.

Instead of pre-soaking the eye masks ahead of time like everybody else, the ingredients are freeze-dried so you decide when to unlock them. Thus, you get the maximum moisture and quality every single time. This unique delivery system, added to the high quality of our bio-materials, make GlamorEye the most innovative and potent eye mask on the market.

Reviews & Speed of the Results (9.5/10)

GlamorEye advertises instant results. The reviews we found did report noticeable results from the first use—after 20 minutes only. Most of them talk about the well-being sensation they felt as soon as they applied the eye masks on. They also report great results as soon as they removed the eye masks.However, we read several times some disappointment about how long the results last for. That’s what we want to address here.

Under-eye masks are developed to give you immediate noticeable results. BUT they are not to compare with injection—where the results appear after a few days, once all the swelling disappears. If the eye masks you chose are safe to use and gentle for your skin, the results CANNOT last longer than a few hours, maybe a few days if you’re lucky or a regular user.

Under-Eye Masks should be used as a temporary quick fix and/or a regular complement to your eye cream.

That said, most users report great immediate improvement in puffiness and eye bags. They also talk about their skin being plumped up, and wrinkles being erased for hours. A lot of women said they didn’t concealer on the day they use GlamorEye.

Safety (9.8/10)

GlamorEye was developed and produced in Germany because that’s where the Skin Research Institute found the purest ingredients and techniques. They decided to only transport the finished and sealed products to preserve their High-Quality and standards.

However, like for the whole SRI cosmetics line, GlamorEye is produced in a FDA-licensed and registered facility, under strict cGMP good manufacturing practices, to maximize safety AND potency.

GlamorEye only uses the purest bio-materials and fluids, and is free of preservatives, parabens, fragrances, mineral oils and silicones. It won’t clog your pores and is safe to use on every type of skin.

Customer Service and Return Policy (10/10)

The Skin Research Institute has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on all its cosmetics. They advertise a no hassle-no questions policy and we wanted to give it a test. We ordered 3 boxes of GlamorEye on the website [5] and received a 35% discount as first-time customer. We received a welcome email right away and got our order within a few days, as promised. Then we called the customer service [6] to ask for full reimbursement and received it within a reasonable delay, after sending our boxes back. We were never asked why, never pushed to stay customers. It was overall a pleasant experience, and we got to try it!


With all this information in mind, we feel comfortable recommending GlamorEye for a quick date-night fix or Sunday in-home spa.
Check the website for more info [7].
You can also leave a comment, post your own opinion of GlamorEye under that review.
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Scientific Background




User Reviews & Results




Customer Service & Return Policy



  • Instant Fix for Eye Bags, Dark Eye Circles & Crow's Feet
  • Results Last Up To 36 Hours After First Application
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Easy To Use At Home
  • High-Quality Medical-Grade Collagen


  • Short-Term Results
  • Only Available On Line
  • Often Back-Ordered

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