ThyNatural: You Are Not Responsible For Weight Gain Or Mood Swings!

ThyNatural: You Are Not Responsible For Weight Gain Or Mood Swings!

Struggling with your weight or your emotions isn’t easy. It makes you feel alone and hopeless. Yet, according to the American Thyroid Association (ATA), an estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, a condition that could lead to unexplained weight fluctuations, depression, and extreme fatigue. Unfortunately, 60% of them are unaware of their condition, not knowing they could improve their life.

Cellular Research Institute and its scientists have found THE SOLUTION to unexplained weight fluctuations and mood swings: ThyNatural.

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Scientific Background (9.7/10)

CRI Naturals partners with leading health experts to produce groundbreaking, top quality products. The company’s scientists believe that many health solutions can be provided by Nature, and made it their mission to develop the best affordable solutions to naturally enhance your life.

All of CRI Natural’s products are custom-formulated on years of research, and produced in American facilities that submit to 3rd party testing and follow strict compliance guidelines with the FDA and cGMP.

Their websites—crinaturals and thynatural—are transparent on the research and formula of their supplement, the customer representatives will answer any questions you’d have on the scientific background of ThyNatural.


Formula (9.9/10)

ThyNatural is a COMPLETE formula that could attack thyroid disorders from all sides and help you balance your weight, feel energized, happy, and healthy.


Ashwagandha & Schisandra

These herbs have great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. They were proven to can calm nerves, improve sleep, reduce hair loss, and boost immunity. Ashwagandha can balance thyroid hormones whether they’re too high or too low, while Schisandra is also used for preventing early aging, or normalizing your blood sugar and blood pressure. Together, they can improve thyroid functions and metabolism, reducing fatigue and weight fluctuations.


Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B12 has a key role in the red blood cell metabolism of the entire body. It gives energy and sharpens the brain. It also improves the health of the nervous system. Yet, the body cannot make vitamin B12, and deficiencies—linked to dysfunction in the thyroid gland, and serious neurologic damage—are common, especially in older adults.


Iodine & Selenium

Selenium is a mineral crucial in aiding the body recycle iodine, which the thyroid gland needs to produce thyroid hormones. Research has shown that a lack of iodine may lead to hypothyroidism, enlargement of the thyroid gland, slow metabolism, lethargy, autism and fatigue. A selenium deficiency coupled with an iodine deficiency is likely to lead to thyroid imbalance.


Zinc & Copper

Zinc significantly impacts your immune system, hair growth, eye and skin health, digestive health, omega-3 fatty acid metabolism, growth and thyroid function. This antioxidant is required for the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

Copper is an antibacterial essential for proper absorption of iron and for your body to use vitamin C. It controls the levels of calcium in your blood, stimulates your thyroid, and at the same time, protects your body against too much thyroid hormones.

Yet, the body can’t store or produce zinc or copper. Thus, a daily intake is required to maintain sufficient levels.


And many more…


Reviews & Speed of the Results (9.3/10)

Because of specific symptoms and physiological issues are individual, results may vary.

That said, the user reviews are dithyrambic. Some people reported a noticeable weight loss within the first couple weeks. Others reported increase energy and better sleep. For some, changes weren’t noticeable before a few weeks. Yet, most users who answered us reported that their weight and mood control kept improving, as long as they took the supplement.

None of them reported any side effects, but finally fitting in their clothes. Their symptoms almost completely disappeared and most users commented on being able to avoid afternoon naps and insomnia.

Even if the company says it’s VERY possible that you’ll feel improvement pretty fast, they recommend that you allow at least 6 weeks of continuous use before you expect results.


Safety (9.1/10)

ThyNatural is produced in a FDA-licensed and registered facility, under strict cGMP good manufacturing practices, to maximize safety AND potency.

ThyNatural is a Non-GMO formula, and completely natural. Yet, the company warns against soy and shellfish allergies, as they are present in the formula.

Every batch of ThyNatural is tested for Quality, Purity, and Potency. Once by CRI, then AGAIN by an independent 3rd party lab before it gets to you. This is to guarantee that you get EXACTLY what’s promised – the highest quality, most potent ingredients to rebalance your thyroid. The company makes sure that ALL of the critically necessary ingredients are there at their desired quantities and completely free from Pesticides and other harmful substances that might contaminate lesser-quality supplements.


With all these in mind, we feel comfortable recommending ThyNatural to balance your thyroid, promote your metabolism and reduce fatigue.








Scientific Background




Reviews & Speed of the Results





  • Fast Results
  • Easy & Lasting Weight Loss
  • Overall Life Enhanced
  • Backed By Scientific Research
  • Only 2 Pills/Day For Full Results


  • Only Available Online
  • Regularly Back-Ordered
  • 2-4 Days Delivery

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