Pürescence: Are Charcoal Peel-Off Mask Good For Your Skin?

Pürescence: Are Charcoal Peel-Off Mask Good For Your Skin?

If you Google “Charcoal Peel-Off Mask”, you’ll see a lot of warning and home-made videos telling you not to use those beauty products. The truth is, DIY and cheap charcoal peel-off masks contain liquid glue. It is actually their main ingredient. Thus, they will peel-off your skin as well as its impurities. What about Pürescence, the charcoal peel-off mask offered by the Skin Research Institute?

Consumster decided to review Pürescence and give you a real, scientific overview of this new product.


Scientific Background (9.9/10)

Pürescence Activated Charcoal Mask is developed by the Skin Research Institute, a renowned skincare company of California. Before launching a new product, they have dedicated scientific teams researching ingredients and possible formulas to get the best and fastest results. The Science Page on purescence.com displays some of the scientific articles used as reference.


Formula (9.8/10)

The Skin Research Institute’s scientists spent months testing every ingredient considered for the formula, before choosing the best combination, in the best proportions. Then they research the best container and decided for a soft bottle.

SRI’s scientists told us that the beginning of their journey with Pürescence was a shock. They realized most charcoal peel-off masks contained liquid glue—especially those criticized on YouTube and other reviews sites. They committed to developing a charcoal mask that would purify your skin without removing its upper layer. The formula they came up with has the perfect balance of purifying components (Natural Activated Charcoal and Polyvinyl Alcohol) and calming compounds (Aloe Vera and Rosemary). They didn’t use any chemical or preservative except for Phenoxyethanol, a natural preservative found in Green Tea.

Pürescence formula is perfectly balanced, safe for your skin and effective. You can get more information on the Formula Page.


Results (9.3/10)

Pürescence advertises instant results. The reviews we found did report noticeable results from the first use—after 20 minutes only. Most of them say they feel it working as soon as they applied the mask on their skin. Yet, they don’t report any discomfort. They usually like the results and report less impurities to remove once they started using Pürescence every week. They also say that the mask stays in place until they decide to remove it, letting them do anything they want during the treatment.

However, some of the users report some redness after peeling the mask off. They insist on the absence of pain, adding that the redness usually dissipates within seconds after removal.

The overall comments we heard about Pürescence were positive and enthusiastic.


Safety (9.7/10)

Pürescence is developed, produced and bottled in the USA, in FDA-registered facilities, under strict GMP good manufacturing practices, to maximize safety AND potency. As explained above, the ingredients used are all natural and free of side-effects. SRI also removed any harmful ingredients present in less respectful formulas.

Pürescence only uses the purest bio-materials and fluids, and is free parabens, fragrances, mineral oils and silicones. It won’t clog your pores and is safe to use on every type of skin.


Guarantees & Discounts (9.8/10)

The Skin Research Institute has a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on all its cosmetics. They advertise a no hassle-no questions policy and we have successfully tested them in the past (just keep your empty bottles if you think you might return them). Signing up for their first-time customer gives you an extra 25% discount on your purchase, no matter the amount you buy. You also qualify for free shipping when buying more than 2 bottles, even discounted. You will receive a welcome email right after your order, as well as its tracking number when it ships. You should receive your order within a few days, but it might be backordered, as they produce Pürescence on demand. If you call the customer service, you will talk to polite representatives. They are usually really helpful and understanding.


After reviewing all this information, we feel comfortable recommending Pürescence for any of your skin cleansing needs.

Check the website purescence.com for more info.



Scientific Background








Guarantees & Discounts



  • Painlessly Removes Blackheads, Refines Pores & Deeply Cleanse Of Impurities
  • Gentle & Irritation-Free For Your Skin,As Well As Cruelty-Free
  • Made On-Demand To Keep Its Freshness & Qualities
  • Great Company Reputation
  • Made in America, in FDA-Registered Facilities


  • Only Available On SRI's Websites
  • Risk Of Being Backordered
  • On The Higher Price Range

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