2016 Honda Accord

2016 Honda AccordAre you shopping around for 2016 Honda Accord? If so, you may be looking for a review that could give you an idea on what to expect from this car. Briefly, it is a good choice for driving your family around as well as in commuting. Additionally, it has excellent interior, providing every passenger a... Read More »

2016 Dodge Challenger Review

2016 Dodge Challenger ReviewIf you love sports cars, then the Dodge Challenger 2016 may be one of those that consistently top the list in most review sites that you have bumped into, so far. Briefly, this top-performing sports car comes with a large trunk, robust engines and elegant interiors. It is the sports car that can provide you... Read More »

The Scion FR-S Is The Best Bang For Your Buck, Trust Me.

The Scion FR-S Is The Best Bang For Your Buck, Trust Me.I highly recommend the Scion FR-S to young adults looking for an awesome car, while keeping the damage to their pocket minimal. The Scion FR-S can be purchased brand new for roughly 26k. The used car market already has awesome examples for as lowest 18k. That’s great news. Why is this Scion awesome? Well, it’s... Read More »

#1 Fastest Car Under 150k… Answer May Shock You

#1 Fastest Car Under 150k… Answer May Shock YouTesla defies the latest of technology when it unveiled its latest Model S P85D. This high performance battery-powered full-electric supercar has captured the fascination of many with its awesome features, remarkable performance and sophisticated style. With dual motors, an all-wheel drive and 691 horse power, this beast can run from 0 to 60 in 3.2... Read More »