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SRI Straight Pro: Can You Style Your Hair Without Heat Damage?

SRI Straight Pro: Can You Style Your Hair Without Heat Damage?Hair straighteners and flat irons have been on the market for ever. Remember those 1980s looks? They were due to perms or irons. In both case scenario, people ended up with damaged hair. Today’s technology advancements seem to have reconciled good style and healthy hair. The Skin Research Institute has been a pioneer in beauty... Read More »

GlamorEye: Can An Under-Eye Mask Really Erase Wrinkles And Tiredness?

GlamorEye: Can An Under-Eye Mask Really Erase Wrinkles And Tiredness?In just 12 months, nonsurgical procedures for injectable skin rejuvenation—like Botox or Hyaluronic Acid to name a few—increased by over 10%, driving them to pass the bar of the 7.3 million in 2016! That shows a common wide need for skin improvement. While researching that phenomenon, we realized that a new trend was showing up:... Read More »

Is Cryotin the Anti-Aging Revolution it promises?

Is Cryotin the Anti-Aging Revolution it promises?A few months ago, we reviewed Reborneye Eye Cream, from Skin Research Institute. We loved it and so did you. Your comments were impressive and your results even more. SRI set up the bar even higher this time with Reborneye 2.0: Cryotin, Full Spectrum Eye Cream. The company claims that this eye cream can freeze aging in... Read More »

Reach The Maximum Skin Wellness With The Best Oil Cleansers

Reach The Maximum Skin Wellness With The Best Oil CleansersYou might think it’s strange to use an oil to cleanse your face. And what does “Dry Oil mean?” Nothing can be oily and dry at the same time, right? I was skeptical too, until I got introduced to this particular way to cleanse my face and, unexpectedly, remove my make-up. Let me explain. My... Read More »

Is RenewGlow really as good as it seems?

Is RenewGlow really as good as it seems?Skin Research Institute the maker of RenewGlow is known for their extensive scientific research on skin care and anti-aging solutions. SRI claims that taking 2 tablets of this supplement every day will help you fight the aging process from within, help boost hair and nail strength while making your skin healthier and smoother. Lets take it to... Read More »

IQ Natural Mineral Makeup Samples Set

IQ Natural Mineral Makeup Samples SetMineral Makeup Samples Set consists of different colored eye shadows and blush and it comes with a foundation and a five-piece brush kit in various sizes. It is manufactured by IQ Natural, makers of several popular makeups and makeup sets in the market. It is packaged in a 5-gram jar, which is about the size... Read More »

Pure Bentonite Clay Review

Pure Bentonite Clay ReviewThe 100% Pure Bentonite Clay is produced and distributed by Molivera Organics, one of the leading brands on the beauty and wellness industry. It is specially formulated to target the imperfections on your hair and skin and provide you with a clear and glowing look coupled with luxurious and bouncy tresses. It is 100% natural... Read More »

SRI Sunscreen—Worth the Buzz or a Total Bust?

SRI Sunscreen—Worth the Buzz or a Total Bust?Summer is here. Everyone is flocking to beaches and pools to cool off and have some fun in the sun. With the new season comes a wave of new sunscreens. The latest trend is to avoid standard chemical sunscreen and go for an all-natural sunscreen that not only protects you from the sun, but is... Read More »

Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C Serum

Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C SerumThis Ultimate Anti-aging Serum contains pure and bioactive L’Ascorbic Acid and not the C esters that some Vitamin C supplements are known for. Scientists around the world have spent centuries and resources in order to discover how to stabilize Ascorbic Acid and First Botany Cosmeceuticals is the leading company that was able to do just... Read More »

IS About Face Cream

IS About Face CreamThe i.s. About Face is a revolutionary multi-functional facial treatment that provides anti-aging benefits on skin and that is why it was dubbed as an all-around “performance cream”. It has a restorative blend of moisturizers, polypeptides, and extracts that work together to smoothen and soften the appearance of wrinkles, relax facial expression lines, and improve... Read More »

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