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CRI Genetics: What Can You Learn From a Mouth Swab?

CRI Genetics: What Can You Learn From a Mouth Swab?Usually used for paternity tests and children alimony claims, DNA Testing is now fashionable. It seems to be the new trend for laboratories to exploit their consumers and make money and more money. However, as a reader of Consumster, you are most certainly aware of Cellular Research Institute quality work and ethics. I bet you... Read More »

23andMe – The Ancestral Company Review

23andMe – The Ancestral Company ReviewAbout 23andMe   Are you interested in discovering your ancestral origins? 23andMe is a company that specializes in biotechnology and personal genomics. With well over 750,000 genotype members, 23andMe claims to be the largest ancestral DNA service in the entire world.   The California based company was founded in April, 2006 by Linda Avey, Paul... Read More »