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Air Tahiti Nui: Sit Back And Relax.

When it’s time to book your vacation flights, which airline do you choose? What matters most? Consumster decided to introduce you to a small but strong company: Air Tahiti Nui.   Crew (9.6/10) Whether you’re at the airport or in the cabin, the flight attendants are friendly and smiling. The women wear a tiare flower... Read More »

Majestic Alaska Sightseeing Tour Review

Majestic Alaska Sightseeing Tour ReviewAbout Majestic Alaska The majestic Alaska tour includes seeing Alaskan wilderness, national parks, and Alaskan towns and cities. Sightseeing highlights to view the beautiful Alaskan landscape include: A cruise in a paddlewheel boat to the Kanai Fjords National park. A train journey through the wilderness allows travelers to partake in the gorgeous scenery. Additionally, guests... Read More »