Probioslim Review, good product or scam?

Probioslim Review, good product or scam?

Why on earth would you not love to have a supplement that not only offers digestive support, but also aids in losing weight in a natural and safe manner? You can realize your weight loss goals along with adequate support to your digestive system even as you attempt to lose a few pounds.

But is Probioslim just hype or does it actually work?


Can Probioslim Help to Improve Digestive Health?

You must have noticed the rise in probiotics in the shelves of your health food stores, but in reality, there is nothing new about this friendly bacteria existing in probiotics. Most cultures have a fermented food containing probiotics. Yogurt, soy beverages, certain juices, etc. contain probiotics. These friendly bacteria either exist in their natural form in foods and supplements, or else they are included during the preparation. During the recent years, probiotics has been used as a complimentary or alternative medicine for maintaining fine digestive health and also for disease prevention.

Those suffering from gassiness, cramping, diarrhea, etc. can find relief with the help of probiotics, particularly if these are the systems as a result of antibiotic intake to treat infection. While antibiotics are aimed at killing the bad bacteria, they do in fact kill the good ones too, thereby leading to disruption in the bacterial balance in the colon. Probiotics serves as a means of bringing back the colon bacteria into balance.


Probiotics and the Prebiotics As Their Food:

Each one of us has bacteria living in our gut which actually are the beneficial bacteria helping to prevent the growth of bad bacteria and yeast in our intestinal tracts. The proper functioning of immune system and the vitamin K preparation for our bodies is also assisted by these intestinal bacteria. Though human bodies contain numerous good probiotic bacteria, when the balance is disturbed, it can lead to overgrowth of bad bacteria and yeast – a condition known as intestinal dysbiosis. The balance can be restored with the help of prebiotics and probiotics.

Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates living in the digestive tract stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria. These can be found in fruits, whole grains and legumes. Prebiotics are the food for probiotics existing in the form of fibers, and they supply nutrients and energy for the probiotics.

LactoSpore is the probiotic found in probioslim which is not sensitive to your stomach’s harsh environment. It is not neutralized in the stomach, but is carried to the colon for safe multiplication. Hence, it is highly beneficial to treat constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating.


Probiotics for Natural Weight Loss:

Losing unwanted weight has positive effects on one’s health. Probioslim helps in the natural, yet safe weight loss. Green tea is one among the recent weight loss products found in nature that has gained popularity. Probioslim contains green tea leaf extract which has the powerful antioxidant EGCG that helps in the increase of thermogenesis and fat oxidation, thus enabling you to burn additional calories. Caffeine contained in green tea aids in appetite control and rise in fat oxidation. In comparison to diet pills that have harmful side effects, green tea extract is safe and effective in your weight loss efforts.



  • Formulated for weight loss, digestive health and energy
  • Provides Energy: each serving has caffeine equivalent to 1 cup of coffee
  • Natural Ingredients
  • 60 Day supply
  • Easy to take



  • A bit of the pricy side (~$50 – $70 a bottle)
  • Not recommend for those sensitive to caffeine


Bottom Line:

Probioslim is distinct from other probiotics as its ingredient LactoSpore forms its own spores protecting the probiotics release through its journey in reaching the colon until it safely passes through the stomach’s harsh environment. This helps in prevention of beneficial microorganisms by the stomach acid. It assists in relieving symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating and heartburn. Also it is one of the few probiotics with green tea. It not only supports the digestive health but also helps in losing weight due to its green tea extract component.

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