Active Restore: Can It Be The End Of Discomfort And Shameful Digestion Issues?

Active Restore: Can It Be The End Of Discomfort And Shameful Digestion Issues?

According to a 2013 survey by NYU’s Langone Medical Center, 74% of Americans suffer from digestive issues, and you might too. Cellular Research Institute and its Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Roberto Contreras, found THE cure to upset stomach and bad digestion: Active Restore.

Could it be the end of discomfort and shameful digestion issues?

Is it a true Health Transformation Solution?

Consumster gives you an objective opinion on Active Restore.

1. Scientific Background (9.9/10)

Dr. Roberto Contreras is a licensed physician and surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He is currently the Director of La Salle Medical Associates and the Chief Scientific Officer of Cellular Research Institute.

Because of a nearly suicidal patient and his own experience with threatening digestive issues, Dr. Contreras focused all his energy into healing Dysbiosis. 

This dangerous epidemic sweeping across America disrupts the digestive system and causes a range of health problems like weight gainchronic fatiguemood disordersskin rashes, and more.

After years of research, Dr. Contreras understood that the increasing amount of Emulsifiers and Sugar present in processed foods caused Dysbiosis and Gut Inflammation.

Dr Oz described Inflammation as an “invisible civil war raging inside your body.”

Dr. Contreras based his Health Transformation Solution on an ancient secret he discovered in the Aegean Sea (watch the whole story here). Far more practical, MUCH faster and more effective than any other treatment used before, its proven track record goes back thousands of years.

But, more than this ancient secret, it’s an unseen combination of potent ingredients that will help you feel SEXIER, younger, and more Full of Life…

2. Formula (9.7/10)

Dr. Contreras developed Active Restore: a COMPLETE digestive formula to attack Dysbiosis and other digestive disorders from all sides. It will help you feel comfortable, energized, happy, and healthy.

  •  Mastic Gum – 400 mg

Mastic Gum crystallized

The Mastic Tree ONLY grows on the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean Sea. The Greeks call the sap from Mastic trees the “tears of Chios,” because of its droplets sundried into a gum that Greek medicine has used since antiquity.

Mastic gum supports healthy digestion, kills “bad” bacteria and fosters an environment where Probiotics can grow and thrive.

The University of Athens in Greece published a study on 10 patients with Crohn’s Disease in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. These patients took capsules of Mastic Gum daily for 4 weeks.

At the end of the study, the scientists concluded that Mastic Gum significantly decreased the symptoms and their cause in the gastrointestinal tract.

  •  Bromelain – 400 mg

    Bromelain: from pineapple to powder

It is a mixture of enzymes found in Pineapples. Cultures in Central and South America have used it to treat Inflammation and Indigestion for centuries. More recent studies concluded that Bromelain is just as effective at relieving Inflammation as anti-inflammatory drugs—without side effects!

It will ease your digestion and kill some of the harmful bacteria in your gut.

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Bifidum – 20 billion CFUs 

These live bacteria are two of the most beneficial strains of Probiotic bacteria and among the safest supplements a person can take. They will help keep your gut healthy.

However, many “good” bacteria are killed by chronic Inflammation and runaway infections before they get to help you. They become more potent when combined with other elements.

Mastic Gum, Bromelain and Probiotics have proven their potency separately. However, they were never combined until now. Their synergy is such that they could relieve Gut Inflammation within weeks. 

3. User Reviews (9.3/10)

Every body is different and results vary from individual to individual, depending on the severity of your specific symptoms. That said, the user reviews are dithyrambic. Some people said they felt the difference within the first few days of use. For others, it took a couple weeks. For most of them, after they reported “more energy, much less reflux, gas, and bloating,” their health started improving. And it didn’t stop improving, as long as they kept taking the supplement. Their symptoms almost completely disappeared. Most users happily commented on avoiding dirty bathroom and nasty smells. None of them reported any side effects, but feeling happier and more confident.

Even if the company says it’s VERY possible that you’ll feel improvement pretty fast, they recommend that you allow at least 6 weeks of continuous use before expecting results.

4. Safety (9.8/10)

When you put something in your body, you not only trust it to deliver results, but you also trust it is SAFE, especially when your doctor recommended it.

Active Restore is produced in the USA, in the highest-grade FDA-registered laboratory and under strict cGMP good manufacturing practices, to maximize safety AND potency.

Active Restore is completely free from Lactose, Gluten, Starch, Wheat, Soy, Egg, Shellfish, Preservatives, Pesticides and other harmful substances that might contaminate lesser-quality supplements. Therefore, it is safe for even people with those food allergies to use.

Every batch of Active Restore is tested for Quality, Purity and Potency by CRI Naturals, then by an independent 3rd party lab before it gets to you. You can be sure that ALL of the critically necessary ingredients are at their desired quantities.

With Active Restore, you receive what’s specified on the label. Nothing less, nothing more.

With all these in mind, we feel comfortable recommending Active Restore to ease you Digestive Issues.

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Active Restore

Active Restore

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  • Enhanced Life
  • Easy to Use
  • Heal Your Gut
  • Fast Improvement
  • Produced in a FDA-licensed and registered facility


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